Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. We apologize for not firmly addressing this sooner. Continuing to remain silent shows complacency with racial injustice. Many times throughout American history the African American population has truly suffered grave injustices. We are reminded of this fact, yet again, in the wake of numerous unjust deaths. The Black Lives Matter movement reminds us of the inequalities that still exist in our society.

Here at camp, we pride ourselves on welcoming all people, all races, all abilities, all creeds. However, we also realize there are more steps we can take to continue to diversify our camp community. Each summer, we welcome families to join our camp community through our camp scholarship program, but this is an area where we can increase our outreach. We’ve identified room for growth by extending the opportunity to experience camp to more diverse future campers. There are several communities within the reach of PLYC that we can serve, and we are committed to becoming more proactive in creating opportunities for families that don’t know about camp and what it can offer. Representation matters, and our staff will need to reflect the continued efforts to diversify our camp community.

Actions speak louder than words, and our leadership team is committed to forming an action plan to address how camp can take meaningful steps to expand our service to campers who experience this inequality, especially for minorities and campers with disabilities. Camp is all about relationships, and we are lucky to have such a strong camp community to help us follow through on these commitments. This summer, we look forward to conversations with our staff about what equity and justice look like, both for ourselves and for the campers we serve. To show our commitment to making camp accessible to all and more diverse, expect more information about PLYC’s initiatives this summer and moving forward. Please reach out to camp to find out ways you can support this effort.