2021 Resident Camp – Rates & Dates

A $100 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit per session is required to be enrolled.

Tiered Pricing:
We realize that families have differing abilities to pay. This program is totally voluntary (you choose the price), and it in no way influences the quality of experience each child receives.

Tier (3)  represents the actual cost of camp, including direct expenses and both long term wear & tear and depreciation.
Tier (2) is a partially subsidized rate.
Tier (1)  is our historically subsidized rate, the true cost of camp operations.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Resident Camp$815$865$915

Resident Camp Multiple Session Discount: The $50 Multiple Session Discount will automatically be calculated at the end of the application.

The tiered pricing options will show when you choose a session.

2021 RESIDENT CAMP (ages 8-15 with exception of Teen Camp ages 13-16)

Session2021 Dates
Coed 1 June 20-26
Coed 2 June 27-July 3
Teen Camp (Coed) July 4-10
Coed 3 July 11-17
Girls Camp July 18-24
Coed 4 July 25-31
Coed 5 August 1-7
Coed 6 August 8-14
Coed 7 August 15-21

Arrive between 2:00 & 3:30 pm Sunday and depart between 9:30 & 10:00 am Saturday.

Holdover Program ($135 between session fee)

If your camper is attending two consecutive sessions, and you would like them to stay in between sessions you must register for the Holdover Program. Laundry and meals are included in the Holdover Program fee.

Magnificent 7 & 8’s

The ½ week session is designed for greater supervision for 7 & 8-year-old campers.

Camper MUST be 7 or 8 years old at the time camper is attending – NO EXCEPTIONS. We must follow our insurance requirements.

A magnificent way to ease into one full week of overnight camping!  Two counselors live in the tent with the campers and lead the tent family to activities. The Mags participate in the all-camp games and evening programs with the Traditional Resident Camp campers. This three-day session allows 7&8-year-olds to sample the joys of Phantom.

Our Mag 7&8’s program runs from Sunday to Wednesday or from Wednesday to Saturday. If you feel your 7 or 8-year-old camper has the maturity to do the entire week, then don’t miss out.  Registering for A & B session results in a $50 multi-session discount.  The holdover period between the A and B sessions is included in the fee.

Session2021 Dates
Coed 2 (a) June 27-30
Coed 2 (b) June 30-July 3
Coed 3 (a)
July 11-14
Coed 3 (b) July 14-17
Girls (a)
July 18-21
Girls (b)
July 21-24
Coed 4 (a)
July 25-28
Coed 4 (b)
July 28-31
Coed 5 (a)
Aug 1-4
Coed 5 (b)
Aug 4-7
Coed 6 (a)
 Aug 8-11
Coed 6 (b)
 Aug 11-14
Coed 7 (a)Aug 15-18
Coed 7 (b)Aug 18-21

(a) sessions arrive at 2:00 pm Sunday and depart at 11:30 am Wednesday
(b) sessions arrive at 2:00 pm Wednesday and depart at 9:30 am Saturday

 PLYC’s Mag 7 & 8 Program

3-Tier Pricing for Summer 2021

ProgramTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Mag 7s and 8s$425$455$495

Multiple Session Discount – Sign up for more than 1 week or send more than 1 child and receive a $50 discount on each additional session (the first session is full price).