Staff Development Program



To provide teens with the opportunity to work on leadership skills and develop an understanding of what it takes to become a leader.

Program Summary:

The program is a comprehensive 3-year service learning and leadership experience for adolescents. The Staff Development Program provides positive, challenging experiences in which teens are called upon to act as leaders, while maturing and expanding their individual development. The program provides tools that enable participants to more effectively work in teams and influence others toward a common goal.

The Staff Development Program (SDP) is designed for adolescents who are dedicated to camp, love working with kids, and have a lot of energy to give. The program teaches more than just how to be a great camp counselor; the program promotes leadership development.  Our leadership program focuses on building determined, thoughtful, resourceful, and caring individuals. As they move through our program, it is our intention to help them become a respectable, honest, positive, and compassionate leaders as they travel on the road of life.

Program Levels:

The program consists of three different levels, each requiring the completion of the level below.  Everyone must start at the CIT level regardless of age. The applicant must be 15-years-old by June 15th to apply for the CIT level. Successful completion may result in a role on the PLYC staff, but the primary purpose of the program is the development of leadership skills.

Program Level Title # of Summer Sessions Total Cost
First Summer Camper In Training (CIT) 1 $675
Second Summer Leader In Training (LIT) 2 $675
Third Summer Assistant Counselor (AC) 3 0


CIT Retreat: Date to be determined. There will be a retreat for CITs who have been accepted into the program. Attendance to the retreat is strongly encouraged. Please note we do understand people have conflicts or may live too far away to attend retreats. It does not impact whether or not an applicant gets accepted into the program. The goal of the retreats are to help the participants develop leadership and camp skills, build community, and better understand the roles of the being an SDP participant. We find that the SDPs who attend the retreats are better prepared for their SDP week and are more successful with the transition from camper to counselor. 

Spring Retreat: Date to be determined

CAC Retreat: Date to be determined

Advancement: We want the SDPs to focus on their personal growth when they are in the program, but we also acknowledge that this program is a competitive one. SDPs will be compared with one another based on their abilities in all areas at camp, and this will decide whether or not they will be accepted back the next year. This goes for those who complete the program as well. Even if participants complete all three levels of the program, it does not guarantee them a spot on staff.



2020 CIT Application


2020 LIT Application


2020 AC Applications