Day Camp Youth Leadership Program (YLT)

We offer our Youth Leadership Training (YLT) program for 14-17 year olds as part of our ongoing commitment to teens and grooming young people for leadership positions.

Becoming an YLT means you are neither a camper nor a staff member, but are in a unique place in between. This can be a challenging time for YLTs; however, it can be the most rewarding time as well. As a YLT, you will have the opportunity to help make camp exciting and special for campers while getting to know them, as well as develop professional relationships with the directors and staff. Best of all,  as a YLTs you will find that you grow as a person as well; becoming who you want to be.

There is nothing to compare with the tremendous feeling you get from knowing you helped generate the Phantom Spirit.  Just ask any staff member!  The excitement and warmth of camp lives in the staff and the YLTs.  You are a part of what makes camp a great place to be.

As a YLT you will gain many skills that are hard to gain anywhere else, this centers mainly around leadership. As you move along in the program, you will gain more and more leadership opportunities, helping develop your ability to confidently lead a group. Other skills include organization, self-discipline, good sportsmanship, the ability to take initiative, work well with others in a group setting and professionalism.

The YLT program and YLT director will nurture you and help you grow, while having fun interacting with children and enjoying camp activities in a new way. The program is not a golden ticket to a summer counseling position at PLYC. It’s true that many PLYC counselors were YLTs, but the focus is on skill building, leadership experience, and service learning…all of which will better prepare you for the rest of your high school experience and beyond. The YLT program will also provide many volunteer hours and friendships to last a lifetime.

YLT Program is a 4 step program: 

Scout = First year of the program.  All new applicants begin at this level. Current enrollment in 8th grade, freshman, sophomore, or junior year of high school and age 14 by June 15.

Youth Leader (YL) = Second year of the program. Must complete Scout level to apply.
Current enrollment in freshman, sophomore or junior year of high school.

Junior Counselor (JC) = Third year of the program.  Must complete Scout & YL level to apply. Current enrollment in sophomore, junior year of high school.

Achiever = Fourth year of the program.  Must complete Scout, YL & JC level to apply. Current enrollment in junior year of high school.

2020 Scout (1st Year) YLT Application