Day Camp Youth Leadership Program (YLT)



To provide teens with the opportunity to work on leadership skills and develop an understanding of what it takes to become a leader in a day camp setting.

Program Summary:

The YLT program is a comprehensive 4-year service learning and leadership experience for adolescents.  The Youth Leadership Program provides positive, challenging experiences in which teens are called upon to act as leaders while maturing and expanding their individual development.  The program provides tools that enable participants to more effectively work in teams and influence others toward a common goal. 

The Youth Leadership Program is designed for adolescents who are dedicated to camp, love working with kids, and have a lot of energy to give. The program teaches more than just how to be a great camp counselor; the program promotes leadership development. Our leadership program focuses on building determined, thoughtful, resourceful, and caring individuals. As they move through our program, it is our intention to help them become respectable, honest, positive, and compassionate leaders as they travel on the road of life.

The YLT program and YLT director help program participants grow while having fun interacting with children and enjoying camp activities in a new way. The program is not a golden ticket to a summer counseling position at PLYC. It’s true that many PLYC counselors were YLTs, but the focus is on skill-building, leadership experience, and service-learning…all of which will better prepare them for the rest of their high school experience and beyond. The YLT program will also provide many volunteer hours and friendships to last a lifetime.

YLT Program is a 4 step program: 

Scout = First year of the program.  All new applicants begin at this level. Current enrollment in 8th grade, freshman, sophomore, or junior year of high school and age 14 by June 15. Scouts are assigned 2 sessions. One is Scout Week which will be June 28-July 2, 2021. The 2nd week will be scheduled based on individual availability. The cost is $125.

Youth Leader (YL) = Second year of the program. Must complete Scout level to apply. YL’s will be assigned 2 sessions based on individual availability. The cost is $125.

Junior Counselor (JC) = Third year of the program.  Must complete Scout & YL level to apply. JC’s will be assigned 3 sessions based on individual availability. The cost is $125.

Achiever = Fourth year of the program.  Must complete Scout, YL & JC level to apply. Achievers will be assigned 4 sessions based on individual availability. The cost is $125.

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2021 YLT Application